""I wish to thank you for the outstanding service and assistance you provided my office in this case, which as you know, ended in a favorable settlement for my client on the eve of trial."
"Our case was going South until you testified. We could not have turned it around without you. Thanks again for your invaluable assistance."
"As a follow-up, our case settled prior to trial. I believe that because of your help we had a successful outcome."
" I love this man , he nailed it."
"There is no doubt in my mind that your extremely thorough analysis and testimony were instrumental in resolving this case. In fact, it was not until shortly after we produced your calculations and report that we finally moved toward settlement."
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
For over 30 years Dr. Govatos has performed in excess of 1800 vehicular accident reconstructions, providing services to lawyers, insurance companies and private individuals. Examples of typical cases are shown below.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) developed  a simulation model (SMAC) that allows accurate evaluation of impact dynamics. I use the version by McHenry Software whose principal engineer developed the physical simulation model for NHTSA. The diagram shown here is the beginning sequence of an intersectional collision between two passenger cars. By clicking on the diagram, you can view the impact simulation.
I am often called upon to investigate trucking accidents. Condition of the brakes, driver hours of service, and speed are issues that I am frequently asked to address. The National Business Institute (NBI) provides seminars for continuing legal education, and  I  was asked to present a lecture/seminar on  investigation of trucking accidents. The PowerPoint associated with this lecture can be viewed in the Articles and Presentations page.
Motorcycle accidents invariably result in serious traumatic injury. In my experience, almost all crashes result from a vehicle turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Issues then become, cycle speed, conspicuity, and perception reaction time. Witness statements often confuse the sound of the cycle with the cycle speed, and these issues must be addressed by the application of physical evidence. I am trained in motorcycle reconstruction techniques and have attended seminars where crash tests were conducted. Such tests assist in quantifying impact speed and rider motion. The crash test shown here can be viewed by clicking on the photo.
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