George C. Govatos, PhD
Professional Engineer 
Our mission is to assist our clients in understanding the causative factors in accidents resulting from vehicular crashes, highway defects, mechanical malfunctions, structural failures and premises defects; and then communicate our findings in clear and logical methods throughout the discovery and trial process. We use the quantitative methods of mathematics and physics to provide investigative and analytical services to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations and private individuals.
Clients have told us:
"Your efforts contributed so greatly to our success in this matter, a note of thanks is hardly enough ."
"I cannot think of anyone that I trust more with my work"than you."
"The jurors were not only impressed with your testimony, but apparently it also clearly defined the issues for them."
"George, without you we could not have accomplished all that we did."
Without your expertise this matter would not have resolved the way it did."
"You were always available at anytime of the day or night to discuss any aspect of the case, be it cross examination of the opposing experts or the legal analysis with regard to the negligence per se."
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